Level 1: Foundation: The missing link to human potential

The 100% nature of experience of life: 1st weekend recording of the 2020 facilitator training

Level 1: Foundation is a clear and insightful dive into the nature of experience and is the foundation through which the rest of the videos and resources rest on. This is probably the most important series to watch no matter how long or experienced anyone is in the inside out understanding. It covers topics like:

  1. The science of how human experience works
  2. The symmetry of the natural world that creates the symmetry of our psychological worlds
  3. Expanding what we mean by 'thought' to a spiritual creative power before the brain
  4. Thought: The power of creation
  5. The 'absolute' and 'relative' as one formless power
  6. Helping ourselves and our clients naturally let go of resistence
  7. Breaking down thought as a power that creates preferences/beliefs and convictions- how 'real' we perceive our worlds
  8. Perception: How it's created and what it creates
  9. The non-personal nature of the power of thought
  10. Unifying the human experience within a universal power.
  11. Physical pain and embracing the human experience
  12. Unifying the 'three' principles to 'one' power with the appearance of three different states

This foundational course shares the missing link to how all experience is created, and how that works. Without the alphabet we could not write poetry or novels! This is the ABC's of experience that allows a deeper and richer experience of life so we can truly help ourselves and others.

This course is closed for enrollment.