The inside-out nature of human experience

'How the human experience works' , with Rudi Kennard and Tanya Kennard-Campbell

Highly recommended as the second course to view after the 'Start Here' video.

This course is a fantastic introduction to the 'inside-out' nature of the human experience. It shares a profoundly practical understanding that takes a lot of unnecessary thinking of ones mind like worry, stress, blame and fear and uncovers more peace of mind and wellbeing, all via a non=personal understanding of the mind!

Filmed in 2006, these are the professionally filmed recordings of a four day training with over 500 minutes of footage split into 21 parts.

Brother and sister Rudi and Tanya share the three principles taught as a paradigm in fresh, simple and understandable language with lots of metaphors and personal examples to give clarity to how the three principles taught as a paradigm creates the human experience.

Topics Include

The source of stress, worry and overwhelm

Going beyond limitations to the heart

What are the three principles 'taught as a paradigm'?

What are the 'three principles'

How does the 'three principles' and the 'paradigm' fit together?

Introduction to the paradigm

Explaining the diagram and how to use it

Mental health and the paradigm

Money, relationships and life: More ease less stress

Explaining the implications

Innate health: It's not personal!

Decision making and creativity

The paradigmatic subtraction of misunderstanding

Thought: More than we think

Breaking the paradigm down to its essence

This training was filmed from three camera angles with professional audio and visuals. This four day training has been edited down to it's most impactful and relevant parts.

Your Instructor

Rudi Kennard and Tanya Kennard-Campbell
Rudi Kennard and Tanya Kennard-Campbell

Brother and sister co-presenters Rudi Kennard and Tanya Kennard-Campbell have been in the fields of mental wellbeing and human potential for over 25 years. They came across the understanding of the three principles in 2004 and since then Tanya has taught many populations from people suffering mental health issues to corporate executives and Rudi from jail inmates to disaster victims and schools children. They both train facilitators in this understanding and form a dynamic and humorous duo!

It is only in the last week I have really understood the true impact of the retreat on my partner, but seriously, it has saved him. Everyone who meets him can see that he is a kind hearted, funny well intentioned soul, but he has been miserable and moody to live with over the last year and quite stressed and depressed. I could see he was suffering because of his thinking but I hadn’t realised how badly he was self tormenting. It has ALL GONE. He has been playing football, swimming, taking out loads more time in the day to chat and be sociable AND being more effective and productive with his work!!!! It is truly like light is flowing through him again, the magic is back. I feel tearful writing this but I literally cannot thank you enough for creating a space where this could take place within him. I couldn’t do it alone by talking etc, he needed place, an experience and you created that, I am so grateful - as is his Mum!

Tess Christy

Tess Christy, teacher

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