These are the recordings of the second weekend facilitator training. This level two training goes deeper into the nature of experience including:

  1. Demonstrations of facilitating the implications of the principles in a way that reduces stress and worry
  2. Articulating the principles as actual principles 'THAT' we have though, as opposed to 'WHAT' we are thinking
  3. Navigating 'difficult' people
  4. Understanding 'self identity'
  5. Teaching the principles with out 'splitting' consciousness from a whole power into duality
  6. Answering questions like: Do thoughts create in the physical word, and, how do you talk to family members about the understanding and 'heady' clients?
  7. More sharing around coaching/facilitating the understanding to others

This training fundamentally goes deeper into the 100% nature of experience that was revealed during the level one training. Including looking at the heart of coaching and the unbreakable human essence