This level four training will clarify the nature of experience, then educate, inform and inspire others to start working with clients.

This is the 13 part recordings from weekend number four live training and will look specifically around facilitating to groups and clients with practical advice and exercises to share with others. This training will sharpen our skills as a coach/facilitator when working with groups, but also to take us back to the heart of working with others- our resonance or insight in the moment. Topics include:

  1. How do you set up doing a public talk?
  2. Are 'exercises' good or bad?
  3. Different examples of 'teaching' versus 'facilitating'
  4. Different examples of visual and auditory facilitation exercises to do with groups
  5. The foundation of being a coach- Listening!
  6. Listening exercise
  7. The 'two points' that encapsulate the entire principle based teaching
  8. Discerning the 'feeling' and dropping judgement around this topic
  9. Teaching the 'fact' of the 3Ps and not the 'concepts' about them.
  10. Teaching from a resonance and why that is important

We hope you enjoy the next thirteen videos in this series!