The first two level trainings uncovered the nature of the human experience. This level uncovers the nature of consciousness that allows us to even have a human experience! It's what is 'before' human concepts, and what allows human experience to arise.

It is not possible to put the formless nature of life into a form, because it would be like thinking a tea spoon full of water is the ocean- however deeper insight into this formless or spiritual nature can reveal a 'feeling' or 'resonance' within. Put simply this feeling can arise as a feeling of love, expansiveness or unconditionality, and this is often a state of presence that really helps clients uncover their own wellbeing, resilience or peace of mind.

This module seeks to dissolve the dualities we create in our mind and allow us to teach the formless nature with more unity, whole-ness and precision, as we look into the science of the energetic nature of life and how that works within our personal lives.